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Born and raised in Victoria BC and still haven't explored enough of Vancouver Island in my 35 years here. I'm always trying to find new perspectives to capture an image from. I started with landscapes in 2013 with my first DSLR, and discovered my passion for photography. Over the next few months, I endlessly researched, and experimented with my gear, pushed my comfort zone more than thought I could do. Things started to changed how I saw my shots for the better and I never looked back.

One adventure I'm currently on is with my amazing family. I'm so lucky to have my extremely supportive wife of 13 years to keep me on track along with my two amazing children who will be turning 4 and 1 this summer of 2018. Life wouldn't be the same with out them. They give me the motivation and drive to keep going every day.

With 5 years experience in photography behind me, I've been published in SNAP magazine, various business Facebook publishings and had a number of pieces selected for an Art Gallery Opening in Downtown Victoria. My styles started out in landscapes and product shots but when my son was born in 2014, I wanted to start documenting his life from birth; most amazing thing I've done (have a look here).

I'm constantly learning and growing my brand so I can capture the best possible feel for your images and bring you something natural, and unique.

Would love to see what we can produce together  :)


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